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Trekking MacRitchie Reservoir

I've been to MacRitchie 3 times now. Once 9 years ago and twice in the last 3 months. I love the place! Now there are the regulars who run this place; I don't love it that much.

Me below the TreeTop Walk sign

So the first time I was there, I was super ambitious and woke up at 6am to take the first bus and catch the sunrise (I'm a morning person so this wasn't too bad for me). That's the moon in the photo below, by the way. It was so peaceful and serene :)

Moonset MacRitichie Reservoir

Downside to getting here this early is that the TreeTop walk only opens at 9am. Totally worth the wait though. I mean, look at this view!

Treetop walk at MacRitchie

So when I went there this week, I remembered to go a little later. It took us about 2.5 hours and we walked somewhere between 8-10km. I've only ever taken the trail up to the treetop walk, which is about 5km. The treetop walk itself is just about 250m long and so high up! I'm not one to be scared of heights but you can look down from the bridge and boy, are you high up!

Now I'm not usually described as a "healthy" or "fit" person (thanks, friends), so this walk is just about good enough for me. Once I'm done with the treetop walk I just want to be out of there. MacRitchie always gives me the sense that I'll never be able to find the exit and I'll be trapped in there forever. But fear not, just add 2km to every exit sign you see and you should be out in no time!

If you're patient enough, you'll also see some wildlife & pretty birds. All I got was a couple of macaques. Beware: they are extremely brazen! Pretty sure these guys were going to grab my phone.

Two macaques

And now on to food! Because what's the point of waking up early and being healthy if you don't get to pig out at brunch after?!

It's become an unintentional tradition of mine where I've always ended up at The Coffee Academics at Scotts Square after such treks. They have some really good coffee and food! I'm especially a fan of their pancake tower which comes with three fat & fluffly pancakes, berry sorbet, whipped cream, maple syrup, and fresh berries.

Left to right: Acai berry bowl, Okinawa coffee, Piccolo Latté, and pancake tower.

Acai Berry Bowl
Okinawa coffee
Piccolo latte



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