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Batterful - a newer way to bake

This post is for all noob bakers out there (like me). I love baking. It seems so easy, so methodical - right quantities + right temperature = yummy.

I think of baking as stress therapy but I stopped buying ingredients after the first couple times because more often than not I have too much flour, vanilla essence (I mean where else am I going to use that?!) or chocolate chips, and they always get thrown out.

I was stumbling through Google trying to find mystery boxes in Singapore and came to Batterful. Hint: they're not mystery box givers. BUT, I did find a cool new zero-waste way to bake!

Batterful box

Batterful gives you this cute little box (in which you can place your finished product to give to someone!) with the exact ingredients needed to bake the cake of your choice!

I chose the almond pecan toffee cake (festive, yay!) and here's what errthang looked like.

All the ingredients in ziplocks, the mix, and the final product!

Measured and packaged ingredients

Dough mix

Pecan almond toffee cake



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