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Halloween Horror Nights + SEA Aquarium

So I had the most Sentosa-intense touristy weekend. I was at Halloween Horror Nights on Saturday and then the SEA aquarium on Sunday. Yes, I have lost feeling in both my feet now.

This was my first ever HHN so I was quite impressed although my friend said it wasn't as impressive as last year. Scary enough for me, thanks. I paid something like $89 for HHN + Zombie laser tag and take my advice the zombie laser tag is not worth it for $30. HHN though, is superrr worth it (especially if you brave through doing everything, like we did). So there were 5 haunted houses - Terra Cotta, Hex, Into the Mind, Make the Cut, and Death Mall - all associated with different "deadlier sins" like narcissism, obsession, malice etc. I'd rank them as such:

1. Hex - incl. lots of skulls, bones, corpses and dark magic stuff (aka spiders and I think dead babies)

2. Terra Cotta - incl. haunted Chinese empress, people in cages, corpses

3. Death Mall - incl. haunted car + cinema + clothing store w mannequins

4. Into the Mind - incl. psychedelic spinning wheel

5. Make the Cut - incl. disfigured murdering K-pop stars

There were also two "scare zones" - Happy Horror Days (#1) and Pilgrimage of Sin (#2). Happy Horror days took you through haunted versions of all holidays - Valentines, Christmas, Chinese New Year, St. Paddy's incl. a mini maze! Pilgrimage of Sin had a bunch of evil-looking folks (I don't even know what to call them all). Happy Horror Days def won my vote!

Zombie laser tag - like I said before, so not worth the $30 extra we paid, but fun nonetheless (obv I had the most kills. 45 bishhhh!). And it's not really laser tag because the zombies don't have guns to kill you although you "die" if they come too close to you (and you respawn in 6 seconds). It's pretty terrifying since they keep coming at you (they don't really die, only faint for about 3 seconds).

All-in-all a good experience. I also got to ride my fave roller coasters - Mummy, Puss in Boots, Shrek - with minimal wait time. Although, be prepared to wait upwards of an hour (if you're lucky) for each house. Don't pay the extra $$ for zombie laser tag.

So after 7 hours of standing at USS, why would I head back to Sentosa for more standing the very next day? Good question. For which I have a good answer. I used my StarHub rewards points to buy my ticket a couple months ago and it would expire if I didn't redeem this weekend (and I am not about to let tired legs forfeit a free ticket). And it was totally worth it. I LOVE the aquarium. I hadn't been to this one before and was amazed all over again at life under the sea. It's got all your usuals - sharks and rays and jellyfish and crabs. But I think each time I see them, I'm in awe of these creatures. I've been with WWF for about a year now so I also had a lot of my attention focused on the corals (yes, I did watch Chasing Coral, and if you haven't it's on Netflix - what are you waiting for?!). And here's all the pretty pictures I took. Please appreciate how gorgeous these coral are (and that they're living, complex creatures!!). Coral bleaching breaks my heart :(

Deep reef coral

Blue sea jellies

Sea jellies
Sea jellies

Sea jellies bathed in colourful lights

Still in wonder,


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