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Weekend getaway - Jakarta

Right, I'm obviously terrible with writing things on time so I'll speed through this rager of a weekend in Jakarta.

We left Singapore on a Friday night flight. Got to our hotel and headed straight to a bar called Loewys for some food and a drink. Head's up - Loewys is pretty expensive so look at just getting a couple drinks here (I highly recommend their Cuban cigar cocktail). We then hit up the local 'happening' club, Dragonfly. First off, I was pretty disappointed that we couldn't enter in sandals - I mean, it's 2018 folks! But also what was ridiculous was a jug of sprite that cost us SGD 22! THAT'S INSANELY EXPENSIVE WTF. Anywho, suffice to say, we stayed till the end but the music was too EDM for me, and the drinks were too expensive for everyone!

On Saturday we got brunch at Three Buns which was so yum! And it wasn't just the food. The place is very quaint with hipster seating. It is a must-do if you're in Jakarta! We then went to a Shisha place (of course) and had really good Moroccan tea & shisha. We took some time to walk through their business district which was really nice and lit up for the youth games going on that weekend. We came back to our apartment before heading out to a rooftop bar called Cloud. I think we all had the best time at Cloud. The view, the music, the drinks - it was all perfect! The bartenders even put on a bit of a show when mixing drinks - I was highly entertained!

On Sunday we decided to try Jakarta's Din Tai Fung at Arcadia and I have never been so disappointed in my life. Jeez that food was terrible! I've had to eat DTF every week in SG to get rid of that memory. Anywho, we found a Shisha cafe (just like the one in Bali! Apparently, they're a franchise!), had one last round of Shisha before we went to the airport.

The highlight this trip for me was all our Grab rides - the drivers are so friendly, let you play your own music, and are just so goddamn nice. And considering we spent a sizeable amount of time on the roads - this was crucial!

Gallery of the few photos I have:

I'm glad we did this one city vacation amongst all the rest!



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